Registration - Bilingualism - Housing

At UCBC, enrollment begins immediately after the end of the academic year, which is the day of academic graduation of the previous year (often at the end of July). By the middle of the first semester of the year in progress (in December), the process stops. Go to the Admission page to see the different phases of the registration process.
UCBC is bilingual, courses are taught in English and French. We welcome candidates from different levels of English and French. The program is such that during your cycle, you will be trained in English and French to help you adapt and improve your english level. Go to the Schedule page to see the days each morning when the English course is offered at the campus.
For the moment UCBC does not offer dormitory. All the time, as the construction project is underway, in the coming years, housing will be provided on campus. Some students rent houses around the campus. Prices vary according to the conditions of the house and its standing, often between $10 and $50. Since it 7Km from the town, UCBC has a cafetaria that is always open from Monday to Saturday.

Transportation - Academic Fees - Work Program

Since UCBC is away from the town, it has buses for transporting staffs and students. Each student accesses the bus for 400 Fc or by subscribing to the subscription (prepaid) for $ 15 a month. Go to the bus program page to see the bus schedule but also the different stops.
UCBC allows 2 ways for the payment of academic fees: - to the bank by payment into the account dedicated to academic fees: 01022331202-19 RawBank - by going to the accounting services whose office is located in the administrative building, at the UCBC campus NB: during the bank transaction, please specify the full name of the student as the identity of the person who deposits the money and do not forget the bank note that will serve as a receipt when confirming the pay at the Finance office.
Be sure to be selected before paying any academic fees. Some related fees are payable upon registration. If your registration is already confirmed, you are free to pay your fees either in full to free you or in part. The UCBC standard is for the payment of fees in 5 installments, and each installment is pre-paid.
Sorry, Work-program as well as Service-Learning and many other activities are not optional. Remember, Academic Excellence, Work-Program and Service-Learning constitute the components of the triadic training of UCBC. We hope that all 3 will lead to the formation of man/woman who has undergone holistic training.

L.M.D System - Library - Internet - Course content

LMD is an educational system with 3 cycles: Licence(Bachelor), Masters, and Doctorate. For the moment, in all the departments, UCBC offers the first cycle (the License) with 4 levels: L1, L2, L3, and L4.
UCBC has an internet connection that allows students and staffs to carry out the tasks that require internet. For students, library fees, laboratory fees and internet fees are included in the "frais connexes" that are paid just after registration validation. Each student, according to his needs has a free access to the library whose computers are always connected to internet.
For more information, please visit the UCBC Library staff to find out how to manage your case.
UCBC discourages teachers from selling course contents. Instead, we encourage teachers to share the content with students through PDF or other electronic formats, free of charge.

Religion - Nationality

UCBC is a Christian university, reason of existence of the letter "C" in its abbreviation. We welcome students from different trends, denominations and religions. From the beginning up to these days, students from other religions such as Islam have gone through their cycle and finished successfully. The sole duty is to respect the student's manual, a document that regulates the student's life (rights and duties) within the UCBC campus.
At UCBC, chapel is obligatory. Every Monday and Friday, from noon to 1 pm, students and staff gather in the chapel, and this is not optional, regardless of your religion or beliefs. Go to the Chaplaincy page located in the "About" tab for more details on the activities of the UCBC Chaplaincy.
Yes of course! At UCBC, international students have a special pricing.

Do you have other concerns? Please send an email through the form below.