Being Transformed To Transform...

Triadic Training

holistic education of an impactful generation within communities by integrating faith, intellect and the hand


in memory of the lived experience

The success of our vision is everyone's business. Nobody is supposed to move faster and no one will be left behind, we will control our speed of evolution. We will make sure that our walk is adaptable to all in order to remain serene and not hurt anyone because we journey by faith united by sincere love.

C.T. Pastor MBUSA Manassée T., MA

The work has always been there during this journey. Hard work is our characteristic and it is not about to stop as long as this academic community subsists, the values of service and love of work will remain ... We shall do Work and Learn through Service ...

Prof David KASALI, PhD.

Service at the price of sacrifice is what leads to a beneficial transformation. UCBC ensures that the values of work are well preserved and transmitted. The legacy that survives us after our passage on earth is the service rendered.

Prof Honoré KWANY, PhD.

I believe we need motivated leaders around the world to bring about positive change.

Francine Nabintu

We want to provide energy to all inhabitants of Beni

Aurore Kambanda

I feel compassion, caring about the entire UCBC community and I feel very happy to participate in the service learning program.

Kavira Malikidogo

It was a challenge that became an opportunity and I succeeded thanks to the preparation at UCBC.

Linda Musavuli

In the DRCongo, it is important to have people who have studied at a university and know how to use technology. Please, support and encourage women to study technology.

Suzanne Busara

Transparency, responsibility, a renewed work ethic and service are all things I learned at UCBC.

Augustin Nobamuzi

The best thing about UCBC is the vision, the change it seeks to bring to someone, and the hope for a better tomorrow.

Benzema Anguandia

I realized that my achievements in economics were just a gift I needed to help others. I felt called to teach, encourage and help others to manage their money in order to get out of poverty.

Butoto Mahinduzi

I am grateful to be among those who bring a revolution to the education system in our country

Othy Vithswamba

From a cultural point of view, it is an experience that allows one to discover another way of living, other customs, to enrich one's knowledge.


Our acknowledgments to the entire UCBC community (staffs as students) for the strongly committed whenever we are struck by a case of misfortune. Your prayers, your support in every aspect, still show us a glimmer of hope, and encouraged our spirits whenever weakened; "It's really our strength, the community"

Tsongo Kamavu Karl


Studying at UCBC's joining the generation of differentiation

Teaching at UCBC's to participate in the education of youth of impact


every year, since 2011 we are yielding laureates who are bringing impact in their communities; Agents of transformation


committed for an education of quality and excellence

The Community, our Strength!

unity in diversity

Various generations, various cultures, various nationalities;

One community, men and women, speaking English and French;

Gathered in love, work and faithfulness.


Campus Life

various activities work together


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